I've Been MIA

I know, I know, it has been a long time since I posted and I have intentions on getting better at this.  Moslty for my kids, to record the things that happen in their lives, but also as a journal for myself.  I haven't even taken very many pictures over these last months.  So much has happened and I have had to work through a lot of emotions. Now with Charlee in school and the boys aren't babies anymore and not as needy, I am going to try to take more pictures, update my blog more often, scrapbook, sew and do more of my crafting crap.  August 21st kind of marks a new year for me. I believe that this will  be an awesome year and hopefully Lynn and I will be able to take a small vacation, just the two of us, next summer. The kids are doing great and I am anxious to post pictures of everthing that has happend since I last posted. I LOVE my little family!!
(The picture is my Davie. He is about 16 months.)

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